Kate’s Simple 3 Step Morning Skin Care Routine

Anyone who scrutinizes skin on patients day-in and day-out and routinely and knows what is trending in skin care will have a special insight on a #MorningSkinCare routine. That’s why Ada West Dermatology asked provider Kate Smalley, PA- C to share what she does every morning to keep her skin looking its best.

If you’d like to take the Skin Type Solutions Quiz, click here for a short 3-5 minute quiz. You’ll learn which of the 16 types of skin is yours. There is NO obligation to buy and you can learn a lot about the ingredients that work or do not work on your skin type.

Kate explains that this routine is what works for her specific skin type in Idahos’ high desert climate. It consists of 3 simple steps and some preferred products:

STEP 1: A gentle cleanser

Start video at 0:40

Skinceuticals Cleanser with Glycolic Acid: Glycolic Renewal Cleanser Gel Runs about $38.  Or CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser  or The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Solution for a glycolic acid leave-on. Runs about $7

STEP 2: Moisturizer

Start at 01:27

CeraVe’s cosmetic line is La Roche-Posay. For moisturizer, Kate uses Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer (you can buy it in a UV form) Has a good feel to it and isn’t too heavy. Doesn’t burn or sting when you put it on. Generally avoid the eye area. Runs about $11

STEP 3: Sunscreen

Start at 02:34

Option 1: Cetaphil Liquid Mineral Sunscreen. This is a good mineral sunscreen that does a good job blocking out UV Rays and preventing skin cancers and brown spots. Feels like it might be really white at first, but rubs in really well.Runs about $12 Find online:

Option 2: Skin Better Tone Smart with 68 SPF Sunscreen as a compact. It’s foundation as well. The one color matches to skin. If you have pigment problems, it will change your life. It has 68 SPF! Runs about $65  Click here to visit the Skin Better website and use Ada West as your provider.

Special tips about Glycolic Acid and Pigment Problems:

Start at 05:23 When to use Glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retin-a.

Start at 06:29 When using a cleanser, remember to give it time to do its job!

For the rest of the body? Kate uses Cerave Moisturizing Cream — she likes the big container with a pump! #dryclimate

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