A night skin regimen for dry skin used by Kate Smalley, PA-C, in Idaho’s climate

Check out an affordable night time skin regimen used by PA-C Kate Smalley at Ada West Dermatology.

Kate Smalley, PA-C, shares her evening skin care routine which includes a 2 step cleanse, medication, and moisturizer.  Keep in mind this routine is specific to her dry skin type and our high dessert Idaho climate.  She shares some tips about what to avoid and her favorite over the counter products from La Roche Posay, Cerave and The Ordinary as well as some alternatives to tretinoin in case your insurance doesn’t cover it.

At night she starts with a 2 step cleanse beginning with micellar water to remove a majority of eye make-up using a cotton pad.  Finish with Cerave’s hydrating cleanser and remember to avoid the eye area and pat dry! This step prepares your face for medicinal products.

The next part of Kate’s night skin regimen is using argan oil to hydrate her skin before moisturizer.

Next she uses a pea-sized amount of both prescription tretinoin and The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone. Make sure to avoid the eye area, the corners of the mouth, and the nasolabial creases (sometimes called the parenthesis).   Differin is a good alternative to tretinoin and is available without a prescription.

For the rest of the body, arms, trunk, legs, Cerave moisturizing cream will do the trick.  If you are especially dry, you can use CeraVe Healing Ointment.  When you’re shopping, remember that creams are more moisturizing than lotion, and ointments are more moisturizing than creams.

Kate also uses a clinical strength soft solid anti-perspirant – applying at night when it is easier for it to absorb into the skin than it is in the morning– when your sweat glands are more active.  Using a dry shampoo at night should be sprayed in and not brushed until the next morning to give the product a chance to work into your hair and really absorb the oil at your roots.

Kate explains that her routine sometimes allows for a facial scrub, but only when she has peeled a lot from tretinoin.

Want to see the whole list of products used in this video on Amazon?  Click here

List of 11 products for night skin regimen on Amazon for dry skin-- especially in an Idaho climate

These over-the-counter products are some of Kate’s favorites for her night time skin regimen


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