CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scarring

Co2 Laser for acner scarring before procedure

This patient came to Dr. Wells, who operates our CO2 Laser in hopes of treating her acne scars.  She explains,  “I came in for acne scarring and it was pretty severe because I have both types of acne.  And cystic especially caused a lot of scarring.  I learned about Co2 because of my aunt.  She told me about this program and that it was really effective for her and so I thought, ‘Well, I think I’ll go and give it a try.’

“It’s dramatically improved my skin.  The texture has become a lot smoother since I first started doing it and my skin tone has evened out a lot, so it’s been really effective. The results were really great.  It was, of course, a little bit uncomfortable, but it was absolutely worth it.”

It really didn’t take that long, I’d say, maybe half a week, before I felt a lot more normal.  I am, of course, a little bit careful of the sun.  I wash my face and apply a moisturizer.  I just make sure to apply sunscreen.  I’m very gentle with my skin.”

To see how your acne scars might be treated (with or without the CO2 laser) call (208) 884-3376 for a scarring consultation.  We have over 20 clinicians with options for different treatments for the best possible outcome.


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