Skin Product Recommendations by Kate Smalley, PA-C

Kate Smalley’s favorite products

Kate Smalley, PA-C, shares her favorite skin care product recommendations below.

Most of these products can be found in locally stores like Target, Fred Meyer, Wal-mart and Albertsons.  Or, use the links below to find them on Amazon.


Acne Cleansers


Over the Counter Treatment Creams for Acne and Even Skin Tone


Kate’s Personal Nightly Skin Care Regimen



Kate’s Affordable, Simple, 3 Step Morning Skin Care Routine

SkinBetter Science

Skin Better Science

Purchase this compact from Skin Better Science and choose Ada West Dermatology as your Skin Care Provider at checkout.






Purchase through Skin Type Solutions. First Time Buyers get Free Shipping over $100 and 15% off purchase.

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Kate shares a DIY skin care tip with eggs, mayo and oil.

Kate explains why she would rather do CO2 laser treatment than a vampire facial.

Can you have good skin without spending hundreds?

Windex on a zit? Please tell us you’re joking.

Kate loves helping people with acne and rosacea.

Don’t you ever say that again.



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