Patch testing and Rashes from Allergens

Our PA-C with 22 years experience, Brian Friedt, talks about the nature of skin allergies (aka atopic dermatitis) — including those tell-tale red, itchy, inflamed symptoms and how it can suddenly come on. Just because. 😫😱 Our office offers an extensive patch test with 80 of the most common allergens in North America in order to offer the best outcome for patients.

. Patch testing is one of the specialty procedures we offer. As our PA-C, Brian Friedt explains, “There are simpler patch testing procedures, but we decided to give the most extensive procedure to give them (patients), hopefully, the best outcome they can get.”

If you have If you have a rash, spot, new skin abnormality you need help figuring out see your dermatologist. If you don’t already have one, you can make an appointment online whether or not we have seen you before by clicking the Schedule Online button below.


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