Alec Arhets, PA-C share his favorite SPF, Lotions, and topical acne meds

Alec Physician Assistant in DermatologyAlec’s favorite skin care products

Alec Arhets, PA-C, shares his preferred dermatologist approved skin care product recommendations below.  The following SPF, Lotions, and topical acne meds can be found online in your local grocery store, or at Ulta.

Acne Products









Other specialty skin products

Vitamin C Serum Wart Treatment

SA Cream
(Great for Keratosis Pilaris,
dry elbows, knees, etc. )

Skin Care Products/Brands Available Direct

S4 Suncare is a local brand which you can buy online, in grocery stores, or at our office. S4 products protect, hydrate, correct and maintain your skin’s optimal health. USE Coupon code “Ada15” for 15% discount. Teresa’s picks are:

Skin Better Science can be purchased online when you use our links. Teresa’s picks are:

Watch Alec share skin care tips on Instagram (@adawestderm)



Alec looks at pimple popper toy

Alec reacts to acne popper toy.

thumbnail of Instagram reel about pirates and skin

Alec explains what skin problems pirates might have for #nationaltalklikeapirate day

Kardashian skin cancer caption explanation

Alec explains what this caption for Chloe Kardashian means and doesn’t mean.

Alec holds up a botox bottle

Alec shares one an idea for a skin care gift.

James and Alec dressed up like Airforce Pilots from Top Gun

How James and Alec feel when their patients get clear skin.

Link to reel about a good day on INstagram

How James and Alec feel on Game DAY!

Thumbnail of tortilla challenge at dermatology office

Can you guess who won the tortilla challenge between Alec and James?


LInks to Alec's video on Instagram about acne and toothpaste

Will toothpaste kill a zit? Listen to Alec explain what it will and won’t do.

Alec's video about bro-tox (botox for bros)

Alec explains to Brad how botox can fade the liness between the brows– known as the 11’s.

alec speaks in front of a grocery store shelf of acne fighting creams

Alec shares good over the counter options for acne.

A video from Mother’s Day– can you relate to Alec?

Alec shares his best skin advice– listen to the people who look at skin all day every day!

Alec was in a plane crash - links to his explanation

Not many people live to tell about it!

James sits in a car where skin is exposed to uv

Bet you didn’t know how much sun you get in the car!


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